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Accessibility plan

Rodalies de Catalunya Accessibility Plan


  • To achieve total accessibility of the railway services.
  • To achieve self-accessibility, that is to say, total autonomy for people when using the railway installations (trains and stations) in the suburban area.

Improvements to the suburban trains


Accessiblet trains:

  • 68 Civia (34%)
  • 20 series 449
  • To adapt 112 trains series 447 and 448.

Improvements to stations


The main elements of the Accessibility Plan are the following:

  • The incorporation of lifts and ramps to establish itineraries adapted for people with reduced movement.
  • Higher and longer platforms in order to facilitate the access of passengers to the trains.
  • The adaptation of pathways between platforms.



Providing of services (Atendo)

The Central Attention Office ( has been created for disabled people, in which any incident, claim or suggestion related to services in all Adif stations and Renfe trains will be dealt with.

  • Telephone of general attention: 912 140 505
  • Telephone of attention for deaf persons: DTS 900 400 555
  • E-mail:
Updated date: 25.02.2011