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Atendo: service for attention and assistance to disabled travellers (Regional services)

Atendo is an Adif and Renfe service which provides attention and assistance to railway disabled passengers. It is a personalized service that guides, informs and assists disabled passengers in matters of access and transit in stations and which offers aid when boarding and disembarking from trains (Regional services).

The Atendo Attention and Assistance Service has now extended its services. It is available at many more stations and on accessible trains, the application time for requesting the service has been reduced and it offers permanent assistance services, without the need for previous notification, at main stations.

Atendo is an example of the public administrations commitment to the improvement of accessibility on the railway, which demonstrates their support for equal rights and opportunities in the access to public transport services.

Both Renfe and Adif continue to move forward in the development of their universal accessibility strategies. This requires a process of continuous improvement and the development of accessibility plans for facilities and trains, and always with the necessary agreements with the social agents involved.

Atendo Services Guide

This guide includes the services offered to passengers with reduced movement or disabilities and the procedure for receiving assistance when travelling.



Atendo is aimed at:

  • Disabled people in autonomous wheelchairs.
  • People with hearing or visual disabilities, with or without guide dogs.
  • Disabled people who have difficulties travelling and who travel autonomously.

Reservation and purchase of tickets

At railway stations.


Application for the Atendo service

Application for the assistance service can be made when purchasing the ticket, or by phone on telephone 912 140 505. In order to apply for assistance, we will need to know your needs for your trip. When you purchase your ticket or apply for assistance, please give us some information about yourself according to the following list:

  • A person travelling in his/her own wheelchair and who will occupy a place specifically for persons with reduced movement (place H).
  • A person travelling in a collapsible wheelchair who will travel in a normal seat.
  • A person with a hearing or visual disability, with or without a guide dog.
  • A person with difficulties travelling.


If you require a wheelchair for travelling around the station or for boarding the train, tell us when you purchase the ticket or application of the assistance.

In the case of Rodalies de Catalunya regional services trains, if you need to travel in a specific place for disabled people (place H), you must apply for assistance on the phone 912 140 505 and arrive at the meeting place at the station of origin at least 30 minutes before the departure of the train.

In the event of coinciding with several simultaneous assistance services, those passengers who have applied first will have priority.


Stations with permanent Atendo service

At stations in which Atendo services are permanently available, the passenger can obtain the service without prior application, simply by presenting his/her ticket at the station of origin at least 30 minutes before the train departure, at the designated meeting point at each station. The personnel of Atendo will be in charge of managing and providing the assistance service at the origin station as well as at the destination one.

The Atendo Assistance and Attention service is provided continuously during station opening times and during the timetable of accessible trains.

In order to obtain this service with full guarantees and safety, it is necessary for the stations of origin and destination to provide this permanent service.

Consult the list of accessible stations


Stations with occasional Atendo service

At the stations with the occasional assistance service prior request, the service will be provided if notification is given at least 12 hours before the departure of the train. These stations will be listed under accessible stations with the sign (12 h).

To receive this aid with full guarantees, it will be necessary to arrive at the meeting point at the origin station at least 30 minutes before the departure of the train.


Place and meeting place of presentation

Once having applied for the Atendo service, you must arrive at the designated meeting point at each station, listed in the list of stations, a minimum of 30 minutes before the departure of the train in order to guarantee transport to and seating in the train.


Advantages when travelling

If you have a disability equal or above 65%, you can obtain the Renfe Golden card, valid for one year, and which offers 40% discount.

Similarly, you can obtain the mode of Golden card with a companion, which permits passengers to make a journey with a companion both with the same discount conditions.


Wheelchair users

According to the current regulations (Royal decree 1544/2007), a wheelchair must have the following maximum size: width of 700 mm, depth of 1,300 mm, and height of 1,400 mm.

If the passenger travels in a normal seat, the wheelchair must be collapsible in order to facilitate its transport.

If you use other special mobility devices, consult the Oficina Central Atendo about the possibility of boarding with it.


On board services

The on board staff will provide help at all times throughout the trip in order to ensure the comfort of the passenger.


Travelling with a companion

If the passenger needs special assistance for communication, eating, drinking or going to the lavatory, it is recommended that the trip is made with a companion. If the passenger does not understand the instructions of the on board staff in matters concerning safety, it will be necessary a companion to be present during the trip.


Atendo Central Offices

The Atendo Central Office is the office for the specialized and personalized attention for disabled people who travel by train. From this office all incidents, claims and suggestions are managed related to the services at all Adif stations and Renfe trains.

  • Telephone for general attention: 912 140 505
  • Telephone for hearing-impaired people: DTS 900 400 555
  • E-mail address:


If you wish to make a group trip, please contact the Atendo Central Office in order to receive help in its organization.

During any special situation, this office is at the disposal of the client and will provide assistance for organizing the trip in the most suitable way.

Similarly, if you wish to travel to a destination which is not included in the list of accessible stations, please contact the office Atendo Central Office. We will study your case and according to the accessibility of the trains and the facilities, we will provide an alternative trip. We will do everything possible to organize your trip safely and comfortably and guarantee service.



It is necessary to follow the established travel requirements. Otherwise, Renfe and Adif might not be able to guarantee the provision of service, although they will do what they can to provide the necessary assistance.



The regulations for accessibility in railway transport for disabled people is laid down in Royal Decree 1544/2007 of 23rd November, in which the basic conditions of accessibility and non discrimination in the access and use of the modes of transport for disabled people are governed.


More information

You can consult other additional information on telephone 912 140 505 24 hours a day or on the web pages: and

Updated date: 16.12.2010