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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How many zone maps are there?

There are two zone maps (Barcelona suburban service and integrated ATM network), because there are two different types of tickets: single-mode tickets (only for the suburban service) and integrated (ATM) tickets that can be used anywhere on the integrated fare network. Each type of ticket has its own map that must be used.


How are zones counted?

Zones that are traversed from origin to destination must be counted. On the suburban service map, the different zones through which the route passes are counted, up to a maximum of 6 zones. On the ATM map, they are counted based on the number of zones on the trip, up to a maximum of 6.


What type of ticket do I need?

First of all, it depends on whether you have to take only the suburban service or other types of transport (metro, bus, tram) as well. Next, it depends on the number of trips you need to take in a week, month or quarter. You can consult all the prices and conditions on the Fares section of this website. Basic fares are also listed through the timetable and itinerary search function.


Are single tickets integrated?

No. Single tickets are for a single mode of transport (only one operator: suburban train, Metro, etc.) and are not integrated.


Do children need a ticket?

Children aged 4 and over must purchase a ticket, as is true with the rest of the public transport operators in the Barcelona metropolitan area.


How do I use tickets?

- Your ticket must be valid for the zones corresponding to your trip.
- Tickets must be validated before beginning any trip and when making any transfers.
- Personalized tickets (Monthly, Quarterly, T-Mes, T-Trimestre, T-Jove, and T-12) must always be accompanied by a DNI or other identity document. It is prohibited to travel using a personalized ticket that belongs to someone else.
- Subsidized tickets for single-parent and large families must also be accompanied by a large- or single-parent family card.


How long are tickets valid?

It depends on the type of ticket. You can consult the conditions and period of validity for each type of ticket on the Fares section of this website.


I lost my personalized card. Can I request a new copy?

Loss or theft of a personalized card are not grounds for exchange, nor do they entitle the holder to a replacement; the holder’s information is not stored on the magnetic strip and the card is requested by transport inspectors only to verify ownership of the card.


We want to travel in a group. Is there a special ticket?

With the new fares approved by the Government of Catalonia and effective as of 1 January 2013, the conditions of use for 10-trip tickets have changed and improvements have been made that allow for greater flexibility and adaptation to travel needs to cover, for example, group travel. In this regard, the 10-trip ticket, for both the suburban and regional services, is now valid for 90 days and is a multi-person ticket offering discounts of between 25% and 40% compared to single-trip fares, depending on the itinerary. It is the ideal ticket for group travel that doesn’t require submitting an application or prior authorization.


Can more than one person travel with on one ticket?

Yes, as long as the ticket is not personal and the number of times it is validated is equal to the number of passengers travelling on the same itinerary (same origin and destination).


Can I exchange a multi-trip ticket that is already used or damaged?

As specified on the reverse side of the tickets, in accordance with the general conditions for use, damaged, lost or stolen tickets, as well as expired and partially used tickets, are not entitled to be replaced.


I bought a 3-zone T-10 ticket at a self-service kiosk and it gave me a single-zone T-10 ticket, but charged me for 3 zones.

If you received a single-zone T-10 ticket, it is likely that you accidentally specified the number of tickets instead of the number of zones and took only the first ticket, leaving the others in the machine. In this situation, if you have all of the tickets, we can perform an exchange or refund. This situation can be easily verified by looking at the prices, which are different in each case.


What is a combined ticket?

This is a very attractively priced ticket that includes a round trip on the train as well as admission to a museum, water or theme park, ski slope, etc. You can find all the information on the “Tickets – Promotions” section of this website.


Where can combined tickets be purchased?

At all stations with staffed ticket windows and at self-service kiosks.


At all stations with staffed ticket windows and at self-service kiosks.

These tickets have specific conditions with very attractive discounts and additional discounts cannot be applied to them.


I boarded the train without a ticket or without validating it, or with the wrong number of zones, and the inspectors have told me I must pay the minimum fee. Can I make an appeal to waive this minimum fee?

You can make any appeals you deem appropriate (through the form on this website or the complaint books at stations) and we will review your case. Only in situations where there has been an error on the part of our inspection personnel will your file be cancelled.


Can I pay the minimum fee in instalments?

No. You can, however, receive a 50% discount if you pay our inspection staff immediately in cash.


Can I pay the minimum fee with a 50% discount using a credit card?

Immediate payment can only be made in cash.


I lost a personal item on the train or at a station. What can I do?

Fill in the specific form on the “Lost items” section of this website. We will verify whether the information you provide corresponds to the items found. If so, we will contact you to retrieve them. You do not need to submit your information again using other forms.


My train arrived over 15 minutes late. Can I request some kind of compensation?

You can request an Xpress Refund (1 trip within a month) upon your train’s arrival at its destination. You can consult the details and conditions of this commercial service on the “Xpress Refund” section of this website.


I didn’t request the Xpress Refund at the station because there was a queue. Can I request it afterwards?

One of the requirements for the Xpress Refund is that customers must present their used ticket at the station where their trip ends immediately after the train’s arrival.


I arrived late and my destination station was closed. Can I request the Xpress Refund on line?

Yes. It can only be requested on line if the station at your final destination is closed. You can submit your request on the “Xpress Refund” section of this website. An image of both sides of the used ticket must be attached.


I arrived late but I don’t want the Xpress Refund. Can I request a cash refund of the ticket’s value?

In this case, the general conditions for the use of Rodalies de Catalunya services apply: if the delay is over 30 minutes, we will refund 50% of the ticket price, and if it is over 60 minutes, 100%. You must always send us the original tickets.


How can I consult timetables?

Timetables for Barcelona suburban and regional services can be found using the search function on the home page of this website or downloaded in PDF format.


Can I consult prices for the Barcelona suburban service?

The prices by fare zone for all transport tickets, for both single-mode suburban tickets and ATM integrated tickets, can be found on the “Fares” section of this website. When you perform a timetable and itinerary search, the fare zones and basic prices are listed for each of the two ticket options valid on the selected route.


Can I consult prices for regional routes?

The prices for all transport tickets can be found on the “Fares” section of this website. When you perform a timetable and itinerary search, the basic prices are listed for the selected route.


Can I take my bicycle on the train?

Bicycles are allowed on board for free on all lines and without time restraints whenever there is sufficient room available. The person taking a bicycle on board must at all times watch out for the safety and commodity of other passengers. In exceptional cases, our staff may not authorize access to trains with a high volume of passengers.


Can I travel on the train with my dog?

Yes. Small pets are allowed to travel on all Rodalies de Catalunya services, for free in the case of the suburban trains, and with advance payment of 25% of the base fare if traveling on regional services. They must be kept under control by the passenger carrying them, if other passengers are not opposed and are not inconvenienced, and the passenger shall be responsible for any damages the animals may cause, provided that the number of passengers on the train does not alter this condition. Dogs must wear a muzzle and collar and be held on a leash from the moment that they enter the railway premises. Small animals must travel in baskets or cages and may under no circumstances occupy a seat. Dogs considered potentially dangerous under the legislation in force may not be in the charge of children under the age of 16. The person in charge of the dog must carry the relevant licence and certificate recording its entry in the municipal register, and the leash must be no longer than two metres. In all cases, only one animal is allowed per passenger. Guide dogs for the blind are allowed and may accompany their owners at no charge.


I’ve lodged a complaint in the complaint book at a station and am awaiting a response.

Please do not file duplicate claims. We will respond to the first complaint made, in this case the one in the complaint book, as soon as possible.


I’ve made a complaint and been asked to provide documentation. Where should I send it?

 The original documents we request must be sent to the following address, along with your personal information and the ID number of the corresponding complaint:
Gerència de Rodalies de Catalunya
Departament Comercial
Estació de Barcelona Sants
Plaça dels Països Catalans s/n
08014 Barcelona


I’ve had an accident at the train station. What should I do?

You should go to any staffed station to fill out the Accident Report available to the public (you must do so within one year of the accident). Once processed, the insurance company will contact the person involved in the accident. It is not necessary to file any written claims or complete any web forms in this situation.


I disagree with the insurance company’s response. What can I do?

If you do not agree with the response, you can write to our Legal Department at the following address:
Renfe Operadora.

Asesoría Jurídica Corporativa.

Av. Pío XII, 110
28036 Madrid

Updated date: 26.01.2013